How to Register for ICT Challenges at Future Careers Bridge

 Dear OUSL BSE Students of Batch 2021,

 * students who have already registered and started doing challenges before receiving S numbers fill this form and continue your challenges. But if you have not done anything there it is better you register again as a OUSL student with OU email and S number and start doing again. 



Welcome to the next chapter of your life where you learn as you work towards improving your opportunities. 


We would like to introduce you to the Future Careers Bridge learning platform hosted by our industry partner SLASSCOM.


Please note below points to register accurately on Bridge

1. Use following format in the name field

<OUSL Student ID> <Name>
2021003 Hasini Perera

2. Please use the email address provided by OUSL in the email field

3. Please ensure that you indicate the study program you are following by clicking on “OUSL” in the question on higher study.



We hope you are ready to learn how to be successful in life and the IT industry.


In order to have access to the internship programs that will follow in your first year of registration you will need to complete these Challenges in the Bridge platform.


Your first opportunity will be once you reach Challenge # 10 when you get your first invitation to a Tech Connect Program planned by SLASSCOM to introduce you to the industry and the host of opportunities available to you. Our expectation is that you will reach this state within a month of registration so that you can progress to the next phase.


Thank you

OUSL Admission Team

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